KARACHI (APP) - Iran and Pakistan have a lot of potential for bilateral, regional and international cooperation. This was stated by the Ambassador of Iran to Pakistan, Mashallah Shakeri, here on Saturday. He was speaking at a seminar in connection with the Islamic Revolution of Iran. The moot was organised by the Pakistan Institute of International Affairs (PIIA) in collaboration with the Pak-Iran Friendship Association. The Envoy said that this revolution was among the most important events of the 20th century that had major impact on global equations. Mashallah Shakeri pointed out that the government of Iran has been paying special attention to the expansion and deepening of ties and all-round cooperation in political, economic and cultural spheres with Pakistan in its agenda. He said that we have duly witnessed the growth and expansion of cooperation between our tow countries in the recent years. The Envoy said that in this period comprehensive talks concerning major economic projects between the two countries such as the strategic IPI Gas Pipeline Project and transfer and supply of electricity have assumed greater speed. He hoped that in near future there will be fruition of these giant projects. Mashallah Shakeri said that with the convening of the joint session of the petroleum ministers of the two countries in Islamabad this month, a major step has been taken towards reaching final accord so that the Gas Pipeline Project may come closer to the implementation phase. He stated that Iraf and Pakistan, with unprecedented backing such as common historical, cultural and religious traits, and aided by the element of good neighbourliness, enjoy numerous potentials for bilateral, regional and international cooperation. The Envoy pointed out that the political desire and will of the authorities at the topmost level will overcome the obstacles and difficulties and the two nations can benefit from the blessings of such relations in the best possible manner. He was of the view that the common borders of Iran and Pakistan must become the borders of friendship and development and the government of Iran in line with its principled policy will continue to make its efforts for the progress and security of Pakistan. Mashallah Shakeri informed that during his recent visit by the Iranian Power Minister inked an MOU with his Pakistani counterpart for the supply of 1,135 MW of electricity to Pakistan. He said that Iran is re'dy to double this quantity but for this Pakistan should strengthen its transmission lines. The Director General of the Institute of Political and international Studies, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Iran, tehran, Dr Seyed Rasoul Mousavi, spoke on various aspects of the Islamic revolution of Iran. The Consul general of Iran in Karachi, Masoud Mohammad Zamani, also expressed his views on the occasion. The seminar was presided over by the Chairman of the PIIA, Fatehyab Ali Khan. S A Minam Jafri, the honorary Secretary of the PIIA, presented the vote of thanks.