KARACHI - Pakistan Council of Renewable Energy Technologies (PCRET) has sought collaboration from the concerned provincial government agencies to develop the assistance in renewable energy field in the country, reliable sources told The Nation. In the letters sent to the Secretary Agriculture Department, Sindh, Additional Chief Secretary, Planning and Development Department Sindh, Secretary Alternate Energy and Environment department, Sindh and Secretary Irrigation and Power Department Sindh, PCRET has seek the assistance from these departments and specially the support of the provincial government. It is pertinent to mention here that the National Assembly Standing Committee on Science and Technology has recently met the members of PCRET. The committee discussed the plans and activities of the council for the promotion of renewable energy technologies (RETs) in the country, said the source. The committee has desired to exploit micro hydro power generation from canals and biogas energy at large scale in collaboration with concerned provincial government agencies. Moreover, PCRET is mandated to conduct research, develop, disseminate and promote renewable energy technology (RETs) in the country. The council also acts as an advisory body to the Federal Government on issues related to RETs. It has well-established laboratories and manpower to execute its functions. New labs and engineering workshop equipped with state of the art equipment are also being constructed that would help to produce 100 KW pv modules annually in addition to local fabrication of modern renewable energy equipment. It is noteworthy that the council can offer technical services for system sizing, selection of suitable system, installation, operation and maintenance for solar PV system (water pumping in agriculture, lighting and ventilation), solar thermal (air water heating, solar desalination, solar food, dehydration), biogas (for domestic energy needs as well as for running peter engine), wind energy and micro hydro power generation from canals (up to 500 KW). "The alternate energy generation means are the only refugee from the energy crisis in the country. These means should have been exploited long ago. If it has been done at that time, the situation would be different in the country. The existing energy crisis would have been resolved, even now, if the government take concrete steps toward exploiting these resources," said an energy expert. "There is huge potential for the energy generation in the country. Pakistan is blessed with all the means that will help generating the power utility in abundant. But, it is unfortunate that these means still need to be tapped out. Now, the government has taken steps to resolve this situation, it's a good and positive indication. Hopefully, the claims made by the government and the ministry of water and power would be met in December 2009," he added.