ISLAMABAD (APP) - The Rohtas Art Gallery (RAG) has displayed a collection of contemporary art works by Amra Khan and Haider Ali Jan. With a display of over 20 art pieces, the display titled "Stepping Out II" focuses on various themes while the work is extremely different in terms of palette, scale, concept and technique. According to the curator of RAG, both the artists have focussed concepts, which they have executed in an innovative manner. Haider Ali Jan, a graduate from the School of Visual Arts, works with digital prints to comment on the city around him that recognize some of the people who give the streets their energy and character. "Reality is just something we have created to protect ourselves from the absolute psychic terror of our isolated existence... that ultimately we are all alone," says Haider Ali while commenting on his inspirations. Depicting the medium of Digital Prints, the artist has painted a "Laughter Series" to portray huge size images of laughing expressions of the different persons. While his works titled "My Love", "Sweet Dreams", "Lets Walk" are among the major attractions at the gallery. While Amra Khan, graduated with distinction from NCA, explores the imagery which is full of beauty.