KARACHI (Reuters) Pakistan on Monday reversed its earlier order to mobile telephone operators to stop BlackBerry services to foreign missions in the country, industry sources said. Now they have again asked the operators to continue providing BlackBerry services to the foreign missions, an industry source told Reuters, who declined to be identified. A spokesman at the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), Khurram Ali Mehran, confirmed that the services continued. The BlackBerry services are on for the foreign missions, he said. It was not immediately clear why the Pakistani government retracted the earlier decision to restrict the services. RIM encrypts email messages as they travel between a BlackBerry device and a computer known as BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES). The Canadian smartphone maker has said that it does not have a master key to decode emails, adding that each organisation would have the technical capability to grant access to its own encrypted enterprise email. RIM said this month it would filter pornographic Internet content for BlackBerry users in Indonesia, following government pressure to restrict access to porn sites or face its browsing service being shut down.