LAHORE The FIA Director General Office, Islamabad, has directed all directors of the agency serving across the country to entertain only those applications against the overseas employment promoters or human traffickers and travel agents wherein a person has been taken abroad fraudulently. The letter issued in this regard has been addressed to all FIA Directors of the provinces concerned. The letter reads: All those applications in which international borders have been crossed shall be investigated by the FIA. In cases where the borders have not been crossed but the victims have been defrauded should be referred to the local police. The letter further reads: The cases, in which the conduct of travel agencies is complained against, should be referred to the Ministry of Tourism for enquiry and those found guilty should be referred for legal action and their licenses should be canceled. The letter also informed the directions were issued on the orders of Federal Interior Minister who desired to get the guidelines followed strictly. A senior FIA officer seeking anonymity said: After implementation of the guidelines, the Punjab will become heaven for the human smugglers and travel agents who were already involved in minting money in millions from the innocent citizens. The letter says cases should be referred to local police but the police have already displayed on main gates of police stations that no application about financial matters will be entertained. An applicant Nadeem said: The FIA is already reluctant to take action against human smugglers and after the issuance of such instructions they will have a genuine excuse for not taking action against human smugglers. Another senior officer said: Why will the smuggler make some one to cross the border knowing he will not be held accountable by the FIA. He will just extort money from the people and will be roaming freely. The order has been issued on the demand of influential student visa consultants and human traffickers, and they are fulfilling all sorts of demands of senior officials of the Interior Ministry, he said. Yet another officer said such an order was also issued by the DG office during the period of former government but it could not be implemented in letter and spirit.