LAHORE The media is not the sole agent of change and it cannot eradicate all the social evils in the society without a sound participation from other segments of life, a seminar held at the Hameed Nizami Press Institute of Pakistan heard here on Monday. The speakers urged every responsible citizen of Pakistan to come forward and play their role to uproot the tribulations like disrespect for elders, abduction of children, rape of women, corruption, nepotism, sectarianism, dishonesty, street crime, and bad ethics. PML-Q Senator SM Zafar presided and PPP central leader Syeda Abida Hussain and Prof Dr Mugheesuddin Shaikh were the chief guests, while MPA Amina Ulfat, journalist Ashraf Sharif, and Mansha Qazi were the speakers. Director HNPIP Absar Abdul Ali introduced the topic and guest speakers. SM Zafar, appreciating the role of media for providing awareness in the society, said though it itself was going through an evolution process, its input in national affairs has brought revolution in different institutions of the country. The media is revealing the corrupt element in the society besides no one could negate its struggle during the judiciary movement. Now media and judiciary are powerful and the need was to make strong parliament, the Senator viewed. Syeda Abida was of the view that the dream of a democratic Pakistan was yet to be fulfilled as the real rule was still in the hands of the 'others. She criticised the former Army rulers and quoted the Washington Post wherein the daily had claimed that the Army was still ruling Pakistan. Non-political workers in politics and non-journalist elements are polluting both these respected professions. However, she added, no one could refuse the attachment of the Nawa-e-Waqt Group with Pakistans nationalist policy, the veteran politician observed. She stressed the journalist should research and scribed investigative stories especially about the corruption in the society. Speakers highlighted the media share in the society eradication of social evils. They felt the need of responsible media which make ensure the security of the values of the society before publishing or telecasting news stories, images and videos. Sharing their point of view on the tip given by Director HNPIP that who could check those evils which the media itself spreading, they admitted the immaturity of some section of the media in this regard and hoped for their maturity in future. They were optimistic that the future of country is bright and the days are not so ahead when; 'we will get respectable place among the developed nations.