The confession of Swami Aseemanand, a significant and apparently influential member of the RSS, a Hindu extremist Indian based group has been instrumental in exposing and stripping the Indian nationalism of its grotesque yet truly fascist ideology that had hitherto been concealed through a celebrated liberal front. Swami has admitted to have carried out acts of terror himself and has also exposed many Hindutva leaders. According to him, it was not Muslim boys but an entire team of RSS agents who exploded bombs in Malegaon in 2006-08, on the Samjhauta Express, Ajmer Sharif and Mecca Masjid in 2007. The horrid episode of Samjhauta Express blast where sixty eight innocent Pakistani citizens lost their lives perfectly exhibits the basic Indian desire to crush and destroy all that symbolizes Pakistan. However, the fact that this exposes the gravity of threat that emanates from our eastern borders that is predominantly Pakistan centric as the main target of these Hindutva terrorists is only Pakistan, unlike the Pakistan based groups that have limited reach, operating within the confines of the national boundary. Coupled with the Pakistan-centric Indian security policy, that is, cold start, provides all the more reason to Pakistan to increase its vigil on the eastern border instead of launching yet another venture in NWA. Swamis confession gives a severe blow to the Indians and has certainly shaken the popular international rhetoric that had erected itself upon the framework of 'Islamic extremism and the fact that only Pakistan was serving as a hotbed for breeding terror in the region. Hindu terrorism needs to be highlighted to the world which would take this WOT to another dimension, where India should also play a role in curbing terror in its territory. Any future incident should now be viewed through the prism of Hindutva Terrorism which is far more fatal and detrimental to the peace in South Asian. DR SAFA RAHMAN, Islamabad, January 31.