Letter to the editors section is a perfect place for the people who want to bring issues of public concern into light. It has provided space for the people to express their opinion. Once Winston Churchill said, There is no such thing as public opinion; there is only published opinion. Nowadays, there is sometimes a bit different story; people use the infamous copy-paste technique and send plagiarized letters by their names. Although the newspapers usually require that the letters must be accompanied by contact number and postal address which is for verification purposes, yet this condition is rarely met by the readers. I request the editors concerned to properly scrutinize a letter before publishing it. I do feel its not an easy task but at least, they must check on it through internet which is not a difficult job due to the search engines. Doing so will definitely reduce copy-paste practice which is becoming very popular especially among students. ROY DILAWER KHAN, Hafizabad, January 29.