Did he behave like a diplomat or a trained sharp shooter? Raymond Davis on Jan 27, 2011 at about 2-30 pm drew his gun and killed two Pakistanis who were riding a bike near Qartaba Chowk, Lahore. Now there is lot of confusion about the identity of Raymond, an American national and was on a secret mission in Lahore. Not only he killed two Pakistanis in broad day light, he also made a video of slain boys and refused to surrender to local police. He instead threatened to kill them as well. Perhaps he made an SOS call to the American Consulate in Lahore on his wireless set for help. The Consulate sent a Land Cruiser to the site violating traffic rules thus crushing yet another Pakistani under its wheels who died instantly. This shows how callous and mean the Americans are towards Pakistani nation. The Land Cruiser made good its escape after killing another bike rider. However, Mr Raymond with his locally registered car was hauled up. Seeing the public anger, the police whisked away the killer to an unknown place. The ever vigilant media broke this news to the general public on electronic media. The public already had developed great hatred against America for innocent killings in drone attacks and suspected working of agents of Black Water/XE Services or Dyna Corps in the country. The reaction was very obvious. The mystery further deepened when the American Embassy called the government to handover their man (the murderer) to the embassy as he enjoyed a diplomatic immunity. His seized papers including his passport did not show him as a diplomat but was on a visit visa. He had made about nine trips to Pakistan during last 18 months. From his conduct and appearance, he looked like a gangster rather than a diplomat. He was keeping an unlicensed weapon and travelling without any information to the local government in an area where a diplomat had no business. In fact, a document was shown on TV that the Consulate had applied for his non diplomat Identity Card. The American Embassy should not try to rescue a killer but should let him face the law of the land. The driver of the Land Cruiser should also be handed over to our police as per the FIR and the local law for due investigations. They may however, engage a lawyer to defend them rather than putting pressure on the government for their immunity and release. The US government should not interfere in the normal judicial process. They should rest assured that justice would be provided without any prejudice. It is a test case for our government which in no case should take dictation from America. If it is proved that Mr Raymond is a member of infamous Black Water/XE Services, then Rehman Malik the Interior Minister should immediately resign as per his commitment to the nation on the subject. MUHAMMAD AZHAR KHWAJA, Lahore, January 31.