ISLAMABAD - The trail to fake NOCs saga leads to deep-rooted covert arrangement whereby the key US agents try to get lawful cover for their unlawful movements as it happened in the case of Raymond Davis, it has been learnt. With the mystery shrouding the issuance of the fake documents as no objection certificates (NOCs) on the original letterheads of the Pakistans Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) to the US military personnel and diplomats, The Nation has acquired three more similar documents carrying the names of 17 US officials. These credentials identify the officials of United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and Office of Defence Representative to Pakistan (ODR-P) as 'defence contractors and allow them 'private stay in Rawalpindi, Islamabad and Taxila. Sources are of the view that 'defence contractors is an obvious reference to Blackwater or Xe Worldwide and allowing them 'private stay in these letters has much to do with the covert activities and espionage. The scenario co-relates to the killings of three Pakistanis at the hands of undercover US agent in Lahore on Thursday. The accused alias Raymond Davis had provided his fake name and credentials. In a bid to hush up the facts, the US State Department Spokesperson P J Crowley on Friday last said that the official arrested by Pakistani security agencies was not Raymond Davis. If Crowleys statement is to be gone by, it becomes clear that all the travel documents, including passport and identification card provided by the US agent, were fake because these documents identified the US spy with the aforementioned name. On Saturday last, Punjabs Law Minister Rana Sanaullah said that original passport of the accused was received but the minister did not give any details whether the name written on the US spys passport had matched the name written on his previous credentials. Moreover the US Embassy has repeatedly changed its stance regarding the professional status and personal details of the accused and all this raises further suspicions about the spys motives. Initially, the embassy denied that the name of the accused was Raymond Davis and contended that the accused was a technical staff member of US Embassy. Now, the embassy has stopped contradicting the identity of the accused and all of sudden it had 'discovered that the spy enjoys immunity as a diplomat under Vienna Convention. The embassy previously stated that the killer was an official of US Embassy in Islamabad but lately, it appears that his services are 'transferred to US Consulate Lahore. It also appears that the driver who ran down the third Pakistani national during Thursdays incident and the jeep used for the purpose also enjoy 'immunity that is why the US diplomatic mission has not bothered to hand over both of them to the investigators. When contacted on Friday, the US Embassy Spokesperson Courtney Beale had rejected the reports about the use of fake NOCs by US officials. Although issuance of any legal NOC that allows movement in any sensitive area is the subject of Interior Ministry and not MOFA, yet the Blackwater, FBI and CIA marines use fake MOFA letterheads and stamps because it is much easier for local security agencies to verify the authenticity of any documents issued by the Interior Ministry due to their inter-organisational coordination which therefore explains why MOFA letterheads were frequently used.