ISLAMABAD - The Senate on Monday witnessed heated discussion when Senator Hafiz Rashid Ahmed form FATA, moved a bill to amend the constitution in favour of Fridays weekly off instead of Sunday. Dr Arbab Alamgir in the absence of Law Minister Babar Awan, however, also did not oppose the bill that sought amendment in Article 270-AA of the Constitution when asked by the chair. Participating in the discussion, ANP leader Haji Adil was of the view that the country was already facing economic crunch and if Friday was declared as weekly holiday, three-day cut off from the rest of the world could not be afforded. Having same remarks on it, Ilyas Bilour said that declaring Friday as weekly holiday would harm the interests of business community in the country. Senator Hafiz Rashid Ahmed said if his bill was not referred to the committee then he would sit on opposition benches. Supporting the Friday as weekly off, Professor Ibrahim Khan, Professor Khurshid Ahmad and Allama Sajid Mir voiced for referring the bill to the concerned committee, saying that the government didnt go against it. While Senator Raza Rabbani and Leader of the House Nayyar Hussain Bokhari said that that the bill should have been referred to the committee concerned. In the controversy after having views of the Senators, the chair reserved the ruling over its previous ruling of not granting permission to send the bill to the committee concerned. Earlier, unanimously condemning the firing incident at the residence of ANP leader Senator Zahid Khan in Dir, Senator urged there should proper mechanism for the security and protection of the parliament to avoid such incidence. They said that all the political forces were united in the fight against terrorism, as it was cowardly act. They also prayed for early recovery of Zahid Khans brother who got injuries in the incidence. Leader of Opposition in Senate, Senator Wasim Sajjad condemned attack on Zahid Khans house and termed it as attack on the whole parliament. Speaking on his privilege motion, Senator Humayoon Mendokhel referred to the news items attributed with him regarding the late Punjab governor Salman Taseer that he said was totally wrong. In the news items, he said, it had been mentioned that he made that statement while talking to a female activist of an organisation. He was of the view that lady had breached his privilege and his motion should be referred to the committee concerned. While both Leader of House and Leader of opposition and Law Minister Babar Awan said as the lady was a private functionary, the privilege motion could not be referred to the Privilege Committee. On it, Mendokhel said that his motion was being opposed by those who had done nothing for upholding the sanctity of the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him). Speaking on the issue, Senator Babar Awan giving reference of 'Tehreek Khatam-e-Naboowat said that he was the first person in the Capital who was arrested in this movement. He said that the first decree against the blasphemer was issued during first Muslim Caliph Hazrat Abu Bakar Sadiqs (R.A) period, and the second came during the first PPP governments era. After the discussion on it, Deputy Chairman reserved the decision about sending Mendokhels motion to the Privilege Committee. On a point of order, Senator Ismail Buledi called for swapping the accused, Raymond Davis, with Dr Aafiya Siddiqui, who is in US jail. He said that it was an opportunity to get Aafiya back home. Earlier, a number of Senators from both sides of unanimously moved a privilege motion against some news items about fake degree issue. The motion was moved by Senators Afrasyab Khattak, Neelofar Bakhtiar, Babar Awan, Waseem Sajjad and Ishaq Dar. They asked the Deputy Chairman Mir Jan Muhammad Jamali to send their motion to the Privilege Committee of the House. On it, Leader of the House Nayyar Bukhari endorsed the motion and said that it should be sent to the Privilege Committee. He agreed with the mover that that reputation of members had been hurt and action should be taken against the responsible. Upon this the Deputy Chairman referred the motion to Privilege Committee. Two more motions moved by Senators Azam Sawati and Ismael Baledi were also referred to the Privilege Committee. Senator Azam Sawati, in his motion, said that his privilege as a member was breached by the MD Utility Stores Corporation (USC) as he pointed out about the corruption in the corporation and the latter did not bother to provide him any details. In his motion, Ismael Baledi that he had gone to meet the Managing Director (MD) KESC but the official did not meet him. The chair also referred two other bill including The Constitution (Amendment) Bill, 2010 and The Control of Prices of Essential Commodities and Price hike Bill, 2010 to the concerned committees for deliberations. The House referred three privilege motions to the standing committees concerned of the House The House also offered fateha for the departed soul of former Interior Minister late Naseerullah Khan Babar and father-in-law of Interior Minister Rehman Malik.