BIPIN DANI MUMBAI - New Zealand's former right-arm fast bowler, Brian McKechnie said that he still remembers the underarm delivery incident which happened exactly 30 years ago on February 1. "I am trying to forget it but can't", he reacted immediately when approached for his comments on the eve the 30th anniversary of the unfortunate incident. "The memory of this month (February) has significance in my life. It started with the underarm bowling (by Trevor Chappell under the instruction by his brother-captain, Greg Chappell), I married to Barbara on the Valentine Day (February 14) and the date of my wife's birthday also falls in this month (Feb. 23), he added. The 58-year-old McKechnie as a 'double All Black', that is, he represented New Zealand in both rugby union and cricket. As a cricketer, McKechnie played 14 one day games for the Black Caps, including the infamous "underarm match" against Australia in 1981, when McKechnie was the batsman who faced Trevor Chappell's underarm delivery in the final ball of the match. A controversial incident occurred in the final of the Benson & Hedges World Series Cup at the MCG in 1981 when Australian bowler Trevor Chappell rolled the final ball along the ground to avoid the possibility of it being hit for the six runs that New Zealand needed to tie the match. "It was legal then and our captain (Geoff Howarth) confirmed with the umpire before it was being delivered. My partner at the wicket, Bruce Edgar. also had no idea about the underarm ball. It was sad thing to have happened", he added. Technically speaking, an underarm delivery is one in which the bowler's hand does not rise above the level of the waist. The Laws of Cricket now (2000 Code) declare that an underarm delivery is illegal unless otherwise agreed before the match. As a direct result of the incident, underarm bowling was banned in limited overs cricket by the International Cricket Council as "not within the spirit of the game''. A delivery is a no ball if it bounces more than twice before passing the popping crease: an underarm delivery cannot be performed rolling along the ground. A pitched underarm delivery is a good ball, providing it only pitches once, and providing the opposing captain has agreed beforehand that the style may be used. It is unlikely that any bowler would reintroduce the style, given modern pitch conditions. "I have no grudge against Trevor Chappell and we are in talking terms with each other", the striker at the wicket then, said before signing off. Interestingly, Kiwi cricketer Warren Lees recounted the underarm incident on New Zealand's 20/20 current affairs show, on Thursday 17 February 2005. He said that after the affair there was a long silence in the dressing room, which was broken suddenly and unexpectedly by fellow player Mark Burgess smashing a tea cup. Also on 17 February 2005, over 24 years after the original underarm delivery, Australian fast bowler Glenn McGrath light-heartedly revisited the incident in the first-ever Twenty20 international, played between Australia and New Zealand.