LAHORE - A local consumer court on Monday issued a notice to a bank for February 22 in a suit seeking payment of Rs 1.55 million as damages for allegedly offering faulty and defective services to complainant. The complainant agency had an account in the respondents bank located at LDA Plaza, Edgerton Road Branch. On February 11, 2009, the complainant informed the respondent regarding change of address of his office the companies directors through a letter dispatched to the branch. The complainant claimed in the suit that the petitioner had issued two different cheques to Shaheen Airlines and Continental Travels, respectively, in usual practice. The complainant said when the respective Airlines as well as other travel agents tried to get the cheques cashed they were dishonored by the respondent party. The complainant said when it contacted staff of the bank they (staff) stated the account had been blocked for not maintaining the petitioners change of address and directors with the bank. The complainant requested the court to issue directions to the respondent to pay him Rs 1.55 million as damages.