I wonder why there is so much fuss and fury against the American who killed two Pakistanis. We must understand that whether diplomat or not a diplomat he was an American, a much superior species of humans compared to wretched Pakistanis. We, the Pakistanis must not raise a storm of protest. Everyday Americans are killing dozens of innocent Pakistanis through their drone attacks. Our leaders or public do not object. Look at the fate of Dr. Afia, sentenced to 85 years of imprisonment. Can we do the same to the American who killed two Pakistanis. I am glad our police and investigation agencies are trying their best to absolve the American culprit. If any of our court sentences Raymond Davis to even a days imprisonment the American CIA might retaliate. But this is pay-back time and justice must be done. MANZAR ALI TABISH, Peshawar, January 31.