LAHORE The undercover US Consular employee facing multiple criminal charges and residing in Pakistan with codename Raymond Davis had frequent contacts with a faction of the banned militant outfit, well-informed sources confided to The Nation here on Monday. The investigators have recovered five mobile phone SIMs of different local networks registered with various names from his possession as authorities have sought 'data and phone call records of the accused from the cellular companies, a source privy to the development said. Credible sources close to the investigators said that Raymond Davis and three other US officials had left Cuckoos Cafe situated adjacent to Red Light area in the walled City after holding a 'crucial meeting with the members of a terrorist outfit when the shooting incident took place near Mozang Crossing on Thursday last. 'It was unclear why they (US officials) met the members of a terror outfit at a restaurant located in the walled City, where a suicide bomber killed over a dozen people and injured many others few days before their visit, a source said but declined to give details about the names of the other participants of the parley. According to initial investigations, the US nationals left the restaurant and were on their way to hold another confidential meeting at an undisclosed location while the motorcyclists were chasing them. The authorities are also investigating whether the US officials were playing double-game with the militants to get confidential information about their operations or their network or they were just funding the outfit for 'outsourcing. Three US officials, who were travelling in the pink-colour Land Cruiser that crushed a motorcyclist to death, managed to flee from the scene and later entered US Consulate General offices safely, were on covert operation. The US Consulate officials are still unwilling to share information about these US nationals with the police investigators, sources said, adding, the US officials have also failed to hand over the men and the vehicle wanted in a murder case to the police. Sources also said that the accused was trying to adopt 'right to silence strategy in order to avoid cross-questioning during interrogation. 'If an accused adopts right to silence policy, the investigators will be left with no other option but to presume that he is guilty, a senior police officer said. Raymond Davis is not cooperating with the investigators while the US authorities are pressurising the government for his immediate release. 'It (strategy) will go against him, the officer added. As Pakistan is battling hard to eliminate the menace of terrorism from the country with suicidal bombing escalating to key cities, the US officials have been seen developing contacts at grass root level with the militants to get secret information. Raymond Davis, the so-called US Consular employee is facing multiple criminal charges (from keeping illegal weapon to double murder) as the police have registered three separate FIRs in this regard including one under Section 13/20/65 of the PPC for keeping illegal weapon in his possession. Sources also said that Raymond Davis was Islamabad-based US national who was working in Pakistan as undercover US spy. The police arrested the undercover US national when he was fleeing from the crime scene after shooting two Pakistani motorcyclists to death on Thursday. Another US consulate vehicle crushed the third man to death and injured over a dozen other people who tried to stop it and came in its way. The driver alongwith three other US nationals managed to flee from the scene and entered US Consulate. Sources further informed that dozens of undercover contractors from US-based security companies that provides 'loss and risk management professionals are operating covertly in different posh areas of the City, where they are residing in rented bungalows and villas. In August 2010, The Nation had reported that,about 180 US Cobra operatives including spies linked to notorious Blackwater agency have arrived secretly in Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, and Quetta. But Federal government denied the presence of US spies. Last year, about 650 US nationals, most of them linked with US Defence and security affairs had been issued one-year multiple Pakistani visas by Pakistani Embassy in Washington in sheer violation of the prescribed rules. Sources also said that the Pakistani Embassy had issued special multiple visas in haste without fulfilling the legal and diplomatic prerequisites. 'They are here to protect and promote US interests in the region, a top police source said, seeking anonymity. The multiple visas were issued under US duress after Islamabad was convinced with respect to the need for issuing visas to 'clear ways for assistance projects.