ISLAMABAD - A constitutional petition was filed in the Supreme Court on Monday praying that Raymond Davis, who had killed three Pakistani citizens in Lahore, should not be provided any kind of immunity. President Punjab Watan Party has filed the petition through Barrister Zafarullah Khan under Article 184(3) read with Articles 2A, 4, 8, 9 and 10A of the Constitution. He made the Federation, government of Punjab, Ministry of Interior and Inspector General Police, Punjab as respondents. Raymond Davis, an alleged employee of US Consulate, had shot down two Pakistani citizens - Faizan and Faheem - in Muzzang Area of Lahore on 27-01-2011, while another backup vehicle, which came to rescue him killed another motorcyclist when the said vehicle entered in a one-way road. The petitioner argued that the US Consulate at Lahore confirmed that he was an employee of the Consulate without giving or disclosing his identity. Police has so far failed to arrest the co-accused who had escaped in the car. He said that the US government though promised cooperation in the ongoing probe but at the same time is pressurising the Pakistani government for his early release. He said that Raymond Davis could not be accorded immunity from prosecution after killing human beings at point blank range. Zafarullah said that Davis does not enjoy the status of diplomat as he is also suspected to be undercover agent. He prayed that the government of Pakistan be directed to act according to law based on constitutional provisions. He said that court of competent jurisdiction should give the accused fair trial.