ISLAMABAD - Efforts being made by the United States to gain immediate custody of its functionary - Raymond Davis - have ostensibly failed to bear fruits because of political ramifications for PPP-led coalition government. We are making efforts through various channels for the custody of our diplomat in line with Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations 1961, US Acting Spokesperson Courtney Beale told The Nation on Monday. She said the US government wanted the international law about criminal immunity to a diplomat should be respected and Pakistan should immediately give his (Daviss) custody to the US authorities. However, sources in Pakistans Embassy in Washington have confirmed to TheNation that Davis who was charged with murdering two Pakistanis in Lahore had an official business visa. Meanwhile, the Foreign Office has been keeping mum over the issue since issuing its statement on Saturday that the matter is sub judice and the legal process should be respected. The Punjab Police is handling the investigation and its report is awaited. For the above reasons, the Foreign Ministry has no substantive comments to offer, it concluded. The PPP-led coalition government and PML-led provincial government in Punjab have also described it as a sub judice issue, and are understood to have decided to leave the matter to the court. The sources said the PML-N could not risk the political fallout of this particular case while the PPP was supporting legal course largely for the same reason since it had now become a matter of national prestige and it could not risk political ramifications involved in the case.