Doubtlessly, girls suffer from several socioeconomic problems in the upper and lower Sindh regions. They suffer from hunger, poverty, illiteracy and above all from the feudal mindset. In this painful scenario, like her great father, ZAB, former Prime Minister, Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto did a lot to revolutionise the future and fortune of Sindhi women. Had the incumbent rulers continued those revolutionary educating and empowering programes, the situation within these four years would have been incredibly different for girl children in Sindh province.

Indeed, Sindhi girls are born to suffer. Here I have to mention the fate of two ill-fated daughters. One ailing daughter from Karachi, namely Kiran Soomro, a picture of innocence, a daughter of such poor person who like every Sindhi, has remained in unconditional love with the Shaheed Bhutto’s party-the PPP. Her daughter Kiran, a school going girl, is wrestling with cardiac disease and as per advise of doctors her treatment is only possible either from the US or the UK. The rulers are requested to come to the rescue of this staunch disciple of Shaheed Mohtarma and let not her hope (Kiran) fade away.

Another ill-fated daughter is Fazila Sarki, from Kashmor, a daughter of poor parents, she was kidnapped four years back and is still in the cruel clutches of callous and criminal people. Her poor parents have knocked at every door for the recovery of her innocent daughter but to no avail. Now the Anti-violent Cell Squad from Karachi is reported to have appeared in the area for an action/raid against the notorious criminals. However, an  immediate  and stringent action is needed otherwise, it will be too late and the kidnapers will vanish in the ‘no-GO AREAS” in the troubled Balochistan.

It is, indeed, a painful and heart-wrenching reality that our thick-skinned provincial rulers have not shown an iota of interest in such humanitarian cases. Had they done so, then, the people of Sindh would have collectively prayed for them.   However, I appeal to the President of Pakistan, who is himself a father of two humanity caring and daring daughters and one visionary son, to order an immediate treatment of Cardiac patient Kiran Soomro and the recovery of the Kidnapped daughter Fazila Sarki and earn prayers of grief torn parents.


Islamabad, January 30.