In Italian railway is called; ‘Ferro Via ‘ which translates to ‘Lohay Ka Rasta’. For the trains to run the Rasta has to be prepared and maintained at all times. Unfortunately our routes are in disarray and all the money is spent on the road networks some of which are built by the rogue organization called NLC. For the Railways to be back on track the focus has to be on the ‘Lohay Ka Rasta’ and Freight. Recently the Businessmen run train got derailed on the very first trial run. Privatization of Railways has not worked anywhere in the world. Revenue is generated by freight while the passenger movement is a service.

Maintenance of the infra-structure is expensive and is usually ignored by profit seeking private sector board members. Let us stop fooling ourselves, if we want to revive Railways, I suggest the following:

1. Corporatisation of Railways to be run by

professionals only.

2. Refurbishing of tracks.

3. Disbanding or merger of NLC with Railways.

4. Focus on freight business taken over by NLC.

5. Revival of all the technical capability of the Railways.


Lahore, January 30.