A gross mismanagement and apathy at Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC), Islamabad and that also in the Inter Board Committee of Chairmen (IBCC), Islamabad, is massively reported in the press nowadays. Both these money –minting public sector entities have earned notoriety for misbehaving, mentally torturing and wasting the resources of young Pakistani people including graduate doctors and students aspiring for admission abroad. The youth of Pakistan is always seen and heard complaining against the crude, rude, insensitive and uncivil attitude of the staff and officers working at hefty salaries coupled with extra perks and privileges.

It is noticed that there is also a serious grievance from the applicants hailing from Sindh province that their required certificates are not delivered on time and in many matters documents have been submitted months and months before but those remain pending with the PMDC and the sluggish staff of the Council usually misbehaves or gives them a cold shoulder response. The inconvenient truth is that the imperial and ancillary staff of these organizations is equally responsible for delayed disposal of matters causing harm to our youth’s future and their plans.

It is proposed that for maximum output in minimum available time and with minimum resources at command, we need to have a motivated, disciplined and dedicated team both at the PMDC and the IBCC. The teams should share the collective objective of the smooth discharge of business and prompt disposal of cases i.e., issuing of certificates and verification of the testimonials, within the available infrastructure and limited resources.

Handling deftly would go a long way in effective disposal of cases. Above all, there is a great adage. “It is nice to be important, but it is more important to be nice.” This must be their coat of arms when they are in the office. Is there anyone in the corridors of power and politics to take notice of mismanagement, organizational bad governance, apathy, indifference and apathy at the PMDC and IBCC and show what good governance is to the present disruptive and sluggish staff?


Islamabad, January 21.