Terrorists have yet to succeed but ‘Terror’ it seems has already won. This was visible in one of the anchorpersons’ talk with Ehsanullah Ehsan on telephone. The TTP’s co-spokesman seemed to be dictating his terms, while the anchorperson repeatedly assured him of extending media’s cooperation and taking their side (terrorists) of the version. The tone of terror of TTP man was firm and decisive, while the anchorperson was talking like ‘bheegi billi’ as if he and with him the whole media is in the wrong. This shows that mentally we have surrendered, one by one, to the terror – making it a monster. Why I say one by one? Take judiciary for instance. No court of law has ever prosecuted and punished any terrorists. Around 8,000 terrorists and extremists are in the row waiting for death sentence in jails but they are not being executed. Courtesy the TTP threat to PM-CM ‘hang them and get hanged’. The court reportedly ordered release of those apprehended red handed with IED in their possession, only on the plea that ‘no evidence found of their involvement because detonators were not recovered’. Same is the case with police, city administration, witnesses, lawyers, judges. Well done TTP and the terrorists, whoever they are!.

Next comes the religious and political parties they are not only appeasing the terrorists but also justifying their acts of terror – most of them directly or indirectly harbouring them. Despite a surge in terror attacks, both PML-N government at Centre and PTI government in KPK are following the appeasement option. Sometime Imran Khan seems to be speaking on behalf of the terrorists. JI and JUI-F hold government responsible, while pleading the terror acts as justified. They are not willing to accept that the US-Allies war has now been turned into Pakistan’s war against terror because we are the worst victims, we are being killed and we are getting injured.

Our ‘independent’ media must be playing a good role of raising people’s voice. Fighting terrorism must have been its national and collective agenda. It must not budge or bow to intimidating tactics of terrorists. It would be highly dangerous if it adopts the same appeasement policy only because of the fear of being targeted. Such a situation would lead to ultimately state of chaos and confusion, which is the main aim of these terrorists.


Rawalpindi, January 21.