ISLAMABAD : Wheat which is the major staple food crop of the country witnessed about 3.5 percent increase in its sowing during the current crop season as compared to the cultivation of same period last year. The major Rabi crop has been cultivated over 8.82 million hectares as against the set targets of 8.84 million hectares of land, said Deputy Food Security Commissioner, Dr. Imtaiz Ahmad Gopang. Talking to APP here on Friday, he said that crop sowing has been completed over 98.17 percent area set to produce about 25 million tons wheat during the crop season 2013-14 to fulfill the domestic requirements as well as for exporting.
However, he said that final sowing figures would be compiled by the end of next month which would depicts the original picture about wheat crop sowing in the country adding that cultivation was continued till the start of current month.
Giving province wise details of wheat sowing , he said that Punjab has achieved 99 percent sowing targets as it has cultivated the crop at over 6.5 million hectares as compared to set targets of 6.69 million hectares for the period under review, he added.
Dr. Imtiaz said that wheat sowing witnessed 2.75 percent increase in Punjab during current season as compared to the last year which would help to enhance crop out in the country.
Meanwhile, he said wheat cultivation in Sindh Province has recorded 4 percent increase as the crop has been cultivated over 1.122 million hectares against the set targets of 1.100 million hectares, he added.
Deputy Food Security Commissioner added that wheat sowing was achieved over 102 percent area in Sindh Province as compared last season which was a healthy sign for agriculture sector in the country.
In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the sowing has been completed over 99.87 percent targeted area as wheat crop has been cultivated over 0.749 million hectares of land adding that more area is expected to come under crop as sugarcane crop over 20,000 to 30,000 were still standing.