ISLAMABAD- Armed insurgents are now targeting civilians after security forces killed hundreds of their comrades and ended their control in parts of the country's tribal regions.

After the Peshawar incident on December 16, a bomb attack killed nearly 60 Muslims inside a mosque in Sindh. The banned groups have now adopted this new technique, its major example in Shikarpur.

The militant groups are now involved in revenge attacks for their defeat in the tribal regions. With army claiming hold over 90 percent of the area, including towns of Miranshah and Mir Ali, there seems to be a shift in strategy by the militants. The military offensives have badly damaged the capability of the armed groups to challenge the government's security forces and now they have resorted to hit unarmed civilians in peaceful areas.

The Jundullah group is active in targeting Shiite Muslims. Some believe it as the same group that operated in Balochistan and launched attacks in Iran.