After the heinous killing of school children in Peshawar our security conscious nation has gone overboard, from training teachers to use firearms, to high walls and wire. Personally I think that the required measures were long overdue, but I believe that ignoring other populated places of work like hospitals, courts, parks, cinemas, railway stations, trains, offices, bazaars will harm us in the future. Are they not citizens Pakistanis who live and work in these places? Their killing, God forbid, would be equally sorrowful, condemnable, and unpleasant. So why over-attention only to schools, colleges, and universities only? I fail to understand this attitude on the part of security-associated functionaries of the provincial and federal government. The core point of this letter is that, while we are over-attentive towards the security of educational institutions, we must not ignore the security of the other populated areas of work.


KP, January 29.