There are basically two factors which brings Pakistan and Afghanistan once again to the negeotation table. The meeting of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and President Ghani in Paris on climate change and the visits of Pashtuns nationalist leaders to Afghanistan. However, the second one play a vital role which also made possible the attaining of Asia heart conference by Afghan process which held in Islamabad.

After meeting with pm Nawaz and COAs Raheel Sharif Afghan president also agree to resume the reconciliation process with Afghan Taliban. US, China and British also appreciated the meeting of Ghani and Sharif. Pakistan also pledge that he will try to bring Taliban into the negeotation table. However, like in the past this time again India tried to spoil the Pak-Afghan relationship. The visit of Indian foreign minister Sushma Suraj overcome the visit of Afghan president. India will never wantd that Pakistan will a friendly relation with Afghanistan.

It is an opportunity for both the counties that to make their ties very strong and also continue the peace process with Afghan Taliban. A peaceful Afghanistan is needed for peaceful Pakistan.

For the process to resume soon and remain transparent, Pakistan will have to demonstrate conclusively its neutrality, as it can no longer afford to mollycoddle ‘good’ Taliban or alienate the ‘bad’ ones. Hopefully, Kabul will not be duped again into negotiating with the emissaries of a dead man. After the Pakistan-brokered Murree talks in July this year, Kabul was resentful at being kept in the dark about Mullah Omar’s death.

China a difficulties US also come forward to make the Pak-Afgahn and Afghan Taliban peace process successful.

Both countries needed to take some positive steps and to get ride from the disease like terrorism and extremism.

Rafi ud din Mehsud. It is clear that stable and peacefull Afghanistan is also in the interest of peaceful and prosperous Pakistan.


FATA, December 11.