Islamabad - The beauty of a place is attached to its natural scenic views and the way it is administratively maintained by the authority concerned.

Islamabad, with its prime location besides the magnificent Margalla Hills and a green outlook, is considered among the most beautiful capitals of the world. But, the body responsible of maintaining its beauty seems to be in deep slumber as there are many things needed to be fixed in the capital, dilapidated roads being one of them. CDA was established to maintain the beauty of the federal capital but that mission has gone somewhere else, the dilapidated roads in major intersections are testimony to the fact, said Taimoor Ahmed, a local journalist.

Shahzad a resident of sector I-9 said IJ Principal road, 7-up Chowk to police lines road, Margalla Avenue, G-11 and F11s Southern upper portions poor condition was ridiculing the authoritys claim about citys ranking among the top capitals of the world.

As the Authority was heading to open new sectors, it should first concentrate on the already developed sectors, he added.

Talking to this news agency the transporters on IJ Principal Road complained that the city’s most busy and accommodative road was the worst access for the commuters travelling to and from Islamabad, and to other parts of the country.

The road has broken and is causing worst traffic mess daily said Muhammad Asad a public transport driver plying his vehicle from Peshawar to Pirwadahi.

IJ Principal Road and Islamabad highway are the two busiest roads of the capital and both are in pathetic condition, remarked Associate Professor Raja Qasir of Quaid-I-azam University. The government’s initiative to make Islamabad Express Way a Signal Free Corridor is a step to facilitate thousands of commuters travelling daily to and from Islamabad. It would also give a new look to the city once its associated beautification plan gets completed, said CDAs Director Public Relations Ramzan Sajid. He said the projects before scheduled time completion would also save allocated money. Chairman CDA, he said, had approved Rs 250 million for the repairing of IJP and Faqeer Appi road for which tender was to be floated soon. CDA was also improving parks condition for which hefty amount was being spent, he added.

To a question about Margalla Avenue he said there was a dispute with the contractor that would be resolved soon.

He further said that G-13 sector was not in CDAs domain, but as a goodwill gesture it was constructing roads for a housing society. No doubt CDA has prioritized Expressway but it is not the only access to the capital. Others should also be given attention at its earliest.

Tasawar Abbas, a government employee who daily travels to his office by a local van said, the vehicle shakes so badly while moving on IJP road that it looks like you are on an adventure train in a park where your nerves are being tested, but it’s not amusing as your life is at risk. Much has been written and reported about the condition of the inter city roads of G, F, E and I sectors developed years ago, which ended up in some patch work by CDA.