There is no authority to check and supervise the fare rates of green bus in Karachi, It seems that Green Bus project is sold to contractors to run the buses on city roads with their own wishes without any actual policy or rules. As compare to the other buses fare rates green bus already charging high fare. But from last month a fare chart were pasted inside the bus, which is about to clarify the fare rates but in that case the fare chart is illogical.

In Earlier days the full fare was Rs 40/- from Gulshan e Hadeed to Tower & according to fare chart rates were changed, Then rate decrease from 40/- to Rs 30/- But it is very difficult to pay high fare on very short distance of travel because high fare is Rs 30/-. and lowest fare of bus is Rs 20/- for short distance of travel also. so it doesn’t makes any sense. I want to draw the attention of concerned authorities to make a logical fare chart which will be easier for every passenger to pay a reasonable fare.


Karachi, December 12.