University Town was considered one of the best residential areas of Peshawar when it was being managed by University Town Committee. The area generated high yearly revenue, which attracted the corrupt persons to this set up, and under the local government law, the University Town Committee was abolished and the area came under the care of local TMA and Nazim.

Since that time corruption and inefficiency have turned the quite, green and clean University Town into a dirty, ill-planned rubbish dump. Parks were leased out to restaurants and private companies, while even some residential areas were taken over by Qabza Mafia, in conveyance of the authorities. The locals of University Town have started a campaign to re-activate the University Town Committee management that consisted of local residents of University Town and Government officials.

A few months ago, an illegal high rise residential flats, construction and booking started on Old Bara Road, near the Peshawar International Airport, next to Afzalabad locality in University town. Since the Airport has been the target of terrorist’s attacks, therefore high rise buildings are not allowed to be constructed near the airport, but it has been reported that these high rise flats, under the name of Town Prime Apartments, are being constructed without obtaining any NOC from the Peshawar International Airport.

High rise flats provide homes to many families at one location and are a requirement for Peshawar, but before constructing a high rise residential or commercial building, the owners or the government have to fulfill the increasing demand for basic facilities like water, electricity, sewerage and natural gas. Constructing such buildings forces additional pressure on these basic facilities for this area, for which the local residents have to suffer while the building owner only makes profits.

Similarly, it is also wrong to block the view, stop the sunlight and wind movement for a home that was constructed many years ago in the area, by a new building project, as the person who was living in the area has the right to these natural benefits and anyone that obstructs these benefits should not be allowed until they compensate the old residents and get their consent for new construction.

Therefore through this application I would like to request the Chief Minister to stop this illegal constructions in University Town Peshawar. I would also like to request the Housing authorities and TMA to frame rules for new residential and commercial building constructions, in which they should make it mandatory for the owners of new buildings to conduct survey of basic and natural facilities of the area and construct the relevant infrastructure before they are allowed to sell any flats or start their construction work.


Peshawar, December 12.