Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) MPA Kanwal Nauman survived a brain hemorrhage yesterday.

According to reports, she had already been ill for some time and was rushed to Jinnah Hospital, Lahore following news of hemorrhage.

According to family sources, after she suffered brain hemorrhage , her body also suffered stroke due to internal bleeding.

It was mistakenly reported yesterday that she had passed away.

Kanwal Nauman has been associated with the showbiz industry almost for twenty years and has received many prestigious awards. She is running a media house, which produces programmes for public awareness.

She also operates an NGO working for poverty alleviation, eradication of drug addiction, highlighting women and special persons related issues and promoting importance of education and health facilities.

Note: It was erroneously reported yesterday that Kanwal Nauman had passed away. We regret the mistake