ISLAMABAD: Standing Committee of National Assembly for Defence has rejected the proposed amendment bill for Army Act.

MNA Sheikh Rohail chaired the committee meeting here on Monday and remarked that Pakistan Army is passing through crucial phase and fighting war on terror efficiently; therefore, it’s not the right time to do amendments in the act.

Sheri Mazari, Syed Khan Minhas, Chaudhry junaid Anwar, Nawab Ali, Syed Mustafa Mehmood, Shahid Akhter Ali, Amir Dogar and other lawmakers attended the meeting including Secretary Defence Alam Khattak.

Shahid Akhter Ali has proposed the amendment bill and maintained a stance that few clauses of Army Act are not clear and blur, they should be made obvious through amendment in order to deliver justices.

Meanwhile, Alam Khattak said that Parliament has the authority to make and amend law; however, if committee want to amend the act than I do not have any objection.

MNA Ijaz ul Haq added that Army Act should not be amended because it can create problems.

Chairman Committee said that Pakistan Army is fulfilling its responsibilities and it is successful in dismantling the network of terrorist; therefore, no amendment should be brought to the Act.

Nawab Ali has also opposed the amendment bill.

While concluding the meeting, the committee rejected the bill with majority.