MIRPUR (AJK)-AJK Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haider expressed concerns on the ban announced by US President Donald Trump on immigrants from seven Muslim-majority countries, extending solidarity to those affected as chaos and fear gripped individuals trying to enter the country.

He said that the immigration ban has caused grave concern amongst various countries. On his return from the United Kingdom after a weeklong visit on Tuesday, Raja Faroq said, “The current political situation in America and the ban had caused concern amongst many people.

“President Trump’s order will, in my view, further spread so-called Islamic phobia and hatred amongst people of different religions,” he said. “However, I am heartened by the reaction of so many people in America and the rest of the world including Britain where the people have demonstrated their commitment in standing with their fellow human beings and by so doing they have shown that the western democracy is working at its best.”

The AJK prime minister thanked the people and the government of the United Kingdom including the UK-based Pakistani and Kashmir Diaspora for according a rousing reception and the high gesture of great hospitality during his stay in UK.

“As my visit to the United Kingdom comes to an end, I wish to thank the UK government for their exceptional hospitality and offer of assistance in the educational field. “In particular I wish to thank British Council which facilitated my visit,” he said.

Talking to various delegations of Kashmiri Diaspora in UK late Monday, the AJK prime minister invited overseas Kashmiris to invest in tourism and hydropower generation sectors in Azad Jammu & Kashmir which is enriched with huge potential and natural resources.

He said Azad Kashmir is rich in natural resources. It is time the overseas Kashmiris invest to exploit these resources in AJK. He assured that government would provide them with facilities for the purpose.

The area has great potential of investment in tourism and hydropower generation and the government will welcome investment by overseas Kashmiris in AJK, he added. He also urged the overseas Kashmiris to play their effective role in highlighting Kashmir issue in its true perspective at international fora.

The prime minister said that Kashmir issue is heading towards its settlement. He said all the political forces should unite at the juncture and intensify their efforts at national and international level for resolving Kashmir issue.

He said overseas Kashmiris have great contribution in effectively highlighting Kashmir issue at international level and exposing Indian forces’ atrocities on different forums. He said that India was committing the worst atrocities and human rights abuses in Occupied Kashmir.

“Kashmiris’ just struggle cannot be suppressed by using military might and committing atrocities like killings of innocent civilians, use of excessive force on common masses, and ban on peaceful political, religious or social activities of the resistance leadership. The international community must take serious note of the human rights violations and use its influence on India to stop committing atrocities on Kashmiris,” he said. He said despite all sorts of brute tactics India could not break the will and determination of Kashmiris for their right to self-determination.