LAHORE: Since Basant is set to return to Lahore almost after a decade, Emporium Mall by Nishat Group is gearing up to revive the spirit of the festive season from 1st-12th February 2017, a statement issued by the management said.

Adorned with marigolds and kites, Pakistan’s largest shopping arena is bound to give its spectators a feeling of the 'Walled City' in a contemporary setup. Families will be able to tantalize their taste buds with traditional Lahori street food, participate in fun-filled activities and enjoy live folk music under one roof.

Exciting discounts will be available at selected retailers during the festival exclusive to their outlets in the mall only, making it the place to be this Basant.

The Managing Director of the mall Iqraa H Mansha said, "Basant has always been a crucial part of Lahori culture. Despite the ban, we have consistently hoped for a return and missed this festive celebration in the city dearly."

She added, "It gives me great pride to know that with the return of Basant to Lahore, we are able to provide people with an avenue like Emporium that allows people from all parts of the community to come together and celebrate our rich culture under one roof."