KARACHI - Defence Housing Authority Administrator Shahid Hassan Ali directed the officials concerned to accelerate the development work in DHA City Karachi.

He visited the DHA City Karachi (DCK) on Super Highway. He visited the sites of various ongoing projects in different sectors and gave prompt and pragmatic instructions on ground to accelerate the development works in a professional and transparent manner.

The administrator went to Goth Karim Dad located in south of DHA City to see the development and extension work of DCK Main Boulevard.  He directed that the road development be completed expeditiously as per the sound engineering standards. He visited sectors 15, 16 and 17 of DCK to see the profile and contour of land for road development in context with planning and development of these sectors.

In Sector 17, at the southern end of DCK, he visited the earmarked area of wind corridor with respect to installation of wind turbine for provision of renewable wind energy in DHA City. He also visited a gas well in the sector to see the feasibility of getting gas energy from the well for domestic use in DCK.

He visited the under-construction state-of-the-art farm houses. He went to the vanguard Sector-3 of DCK where he visited the site of housing project earmarked for building small, elegant and well planned houses.  The contractor was already mobilised at the site to start the work. He emphasised the need for ensuring speedy and quality construction work of the houses. He also saw the display of various samples of road furniture including kerb stones, edge stones and footpath tiles.

He appreciated the quality, standard and pace of ongoing development activities in DCK and asked DCK management to maintain the momentum of ongoing development work with passion and professional exuberance to build DCK as a city of international stature.