LAHORE - Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has failed to not only uplift the standard of the game but also in stopping irregularities being witnessed in the board.

The reliable sources told this scribe that a blue-eyed director at the National Cricket Academy (NCA) Lahore has made the high-ups of the cricket board helpless. “It is a common practice for the director to come very late in the office and disobey the orders, issued by the higher offices. He has also given deaf ear to the PCB chairman orders in this regard and never bothers to come in time and keeps on doing things according to own liking and disliking,” they said.

The sources further revealed that the director also kept on poking his nose into the Lahore region matters, which is creating problems for the regional officials in running the region’s affairs in a smooth way.

Surprisingly, the cricket board has also issued a budget of Rs 1 billion for the development projects just to please the director. It has reliably learnt that the matter of releasing Rs 1 billion development budget to a single person will also be raised in the National Assembly Standing Committee on Sports.

The sources in the standing committee said that the PCB would be asked to submit the details of all the expenditures spent on the development projects. The board would also be asked about the performance of this blue-eyed director.

The sources also stated that there was no need of a Director Development in the presence of Director Academies. Interestingly, this director was also blamed for embezzling in the purchase of cricket balls last year, the sources added.