LOS ANGELES-Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said Monday he is confident the Los Angeles 2024 Olympic bid will be evaluated on its merits even in the wake of US President Donald Trump's new immigration ban. A temporary ban on immigrants from seven majority-Muslim nations was imposed Friday by an executive order from Trump, sparking protests around the world.

There has been concern about what impact that might have on the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and its September 13 vote in Lima, Peru, to decide a 2024 host between Paris, Budapest and Los Angeles. "LA 2024 has assembled an outstanding, responsible bid on behalf of our city that strengthens the Olympic movement for the future," Garcetti said in a statement.

Concerns over the state of American values and the United States' ability to bring nations together has become a haunting issue in the wake of the travel ban but one Garcetti did not touch upon. "If selected, we will show the world a sustainable and low-risk Games that gathers nations together, showcases American values, and brings benefits, not burdens, to our community. "I am confident that the IOC will evaluate our bid on these merits, and I am more committed than ever to bringing the Games back to LA in 2024." Trump would be in office in 2024 if he were re-elected in 2020.