FAISALABAD: Pakistan Test captain and veteran cricketer Misbah-ul-Haq has not stated his views about selection of next tema's captain.

Misbah addressed the media today outside the Iqbal Stadium and said he has left it onto PCB to decide who next captain should be.

“I am not naming anyone for the team’s next captain,” Misbah said. “I have advised the PCB on the matter, now whoever PCB thinks is the best choice should be made the captain.”

“If I can’t perform then my recommendation is of no use,” he added.

In reply to harsh comments over team's performance against Australia in recent matches, Misbah said no captain can perform if the taunting continues.

“Our performance will improve only if this pressure subsides,” the captain said.

On Pakistan’s performance abroad, Misbah said it is hard for any team to work foreign conditions.

“India have become number one by playing on their home soil,” he pointed out.

Every captain will continue to struggle until the problems are resolved, Misbah said.

“Just some days ago people were saying to me, ‘come back’, now they are asking when I am retiring,” he added.