ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan for the first time admitted on Tuesday that his party could not produce evidence in the court about the money (trail) used by the Sharif family to buy London flats.

"They (PML-N) are saying that you (PTI) have no evidence. From where the evidence will come as the companies are based in Panama and no one knows who is the beneficiary owner of these companies," Khan said while talking to reporters outside the Supreme Court. He at the same time said that Prime Ministaer Nawaz Sharif and his family should produce all the evidence because they had admitted the ownership of London flats. Earlier, the Sharif family said that Gulf Steel Mills was in loss before 1980s and then all of a sudden, the mills started making profits and they got 12 million Dirham as a profit that were later given to the Qatari prince to invest in a business, he showed his surprise. "From where will we produce record of this transaction? From where will we produce the documents?" he questioned. 

Khan said that the prime minister had claimed in the National Assembly that they had all documentary evidence and should produce the same before the court. "Even 12 million Dirham were given to the Qatari prince in cash and then from where we will produce the evidence," he said. He said that no state agency including the ISI or the FIA was assisting the PTI to dig out the evidence. “As an opposition party, we have demanded answers but no one is ready to reply except the Qatari prince's letters,” he said.

The PTI chief criticised the Sharif family and said that it was now trying to hide behind the law by questioning the maintainability of the case.

“The third lawyer of Sharif family has challenged maintainability of the case by saying that the court could not hear this case. They are raising points under Article 184 (3) of the constitution,” he said.  He said that the prime minister himself had said in NA that he and his family have presented themselves for accountability. “Why they are now trying to escape from the court.”

Elaborating his point, Khan said that 6000 people all over the world were facing cases after revelations of Panama leaks but no one was asking to produce proofs. No one challenged the revelations of Panama leaks but only the Sharif family was now asking for proofs. “After revelations by Panama Papers, the Sharif family for the first time accepted that they owned the London flats, as prior to 2016, Maryam Nawaz and Suleman Shahbaz had always denied this,” he said.

Khan said that it was surprising that the Qatari prince owned these flats from 1993 to 2006 but the Sharif family used to live there without any rent.  So, the Sharif family benefited Rs300 million in the form the rent of these fats. "What the Qatari prince was given as compensation," he asked. Every time, the Qatari prince surface and the all money trail leads to him up till now,” he lamented. He alleged that Qatari prince was also a corrupt person and a business partner of Sharif family and he was given contracts of Port Bin Qasim and LNG import in connivance with former Ehtesab Commission Chairman Saifur Rehman. “This is a conflict of interest,” he said.

Khan said that the Qatari prince had become a rescuer of the Sharif family. Now the counsel of Sharif family had said before the apex court that the SC should not hear this case rather state institutions should investigate it. "The SC is hearing the case as all these institutions were reluctance to investigate the case,” he said.