KAMALIA-The Kamalia LPG Union observed shutdown against the district administration, demanding permission to continue decant.

Talking to media, Kamalia LPG Union President Muhammad Irfan called on the government to issue them commercial licences for LPG decanting. He also demanded the authorities to prevent police from interfering with their business. He pointed out that the poor should be allowed to purchase gas in smaller quantity as everyone cannot afford full-size large gas cylinders.

He demanded Tehsil Municipal Committee Chairman Malik Sharif and the Faisalabad RPO to resolve their problems at the earliest.


The government has started work on a scheme to provide clean drinking water to Govt Postgraduate College Kamalia, the college principal said.

Talking to media, he said that the scheme will benefit more than 1,700 students, teachers, players and those who take exams at the school.

On the occasion, PST College students, teachers and the principal expressed gratitude to MNA Ch Asadur Rehman for playing his due role in this regard.