islamabad - Two minor Thalassaemia patients, admitted in Capital Development Hospital (CDA), have been diagnosed with HIV positive virus because of infected blood transfusion, official said Tuesday.

Minor patients are also siblings identified as Keral Bhatti (girl) age around 9 years and Nehmia Bhatti (boy) 8 years old. Father of the children, Nadeem Bhatti is also an employee of CDA hospital.

Talking to The Nation Nadeem Bhatti said that his children are suffering from Thalassaemia and for blood transfusion he took his children to almost every public sector and major hospitals of the city.

“I took my children for blood transfusion to Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS), Shifa International, CDA, Polyclinic and AFIC,” he said.

The father to the children said that he cannot confirm from where his children received infected blood but surly it was the negligence of the hospital where proper blood screening was not done.

He informed The Nation that HIV virus was diagnosed in children in the month of November while they are admitted in CDA hospital now.

According to him, his children are suffering from the Glanzmann Thrombasthenia, a form of thalassemia in which patient suffers from the disorder of both white and red blood platelets.

On Monday the call of attention was also moved by some legislatures in National Assembly (NA) to invite the attention of Minister for Capital Administration & Development Division (CADD) towards the transmission of unscreened, contaminated and HIV/AIDS infected blood to patients in CDA hospital.

Doctor at CDA hospital informed The Nation that hospital had held an inquiry regarding infection of HIV which has been completed.

“I have not seen that inquiry report; however, the children were suffering from bleeding disorder,” said the official at hospital.

Meanwhile, according to public relations official of CDA, both children were facing blood transfusion for last nine years and mostly they received treatment from PIMS but it could not be confirmed that from where they receive infection.

However, according to statement of Prof Dr Hassan Abbas, Head of Blood Bank at PIMS, the hospital blood bank has a very modern and advanced blood screening system and all blood donations are screened on this system.

“Every day around 150-200 patients receive blood components from PIMS blood bank while these two patients suffer from congenital platelet disorder due to which they received hundreds of transfusions in routine and emergency in the last few years,” he said.

According to him, they received blood transfusion from public and private blood banks of the twin cities and it is likely they got infection from transfusion from a substandard blood bank.

Meanwhile, an expert on blood transfusion talking to The Nation stated that a bill was passed regarding screening of blood before transfusion and unscreened blood transfusion is a crime.

“It is basically the negligence on part of both public and private hospitals which passed the blood without proper screening and transfused to the patients,” he said.

As per expert it is not possible that blood could be transfused without screening and if it done than it is only due to severe negligence of the authority.

“Millions of funds were spent on Thalassemia centre in the city but the project was not concluded and similarly Thalassemia centre at PIMS has also not won the trust of the people and they seek private blood banks for transfusion,” he said.

According to information available with The Nation project of establishing central blood bank is still at large and facing administrative problems.

The project was initiated in year 2009 and millions of funds were allocated for this but ‘Safe national Blood Transfusion Project’ didn’t meet its end.