Gruesome rape and murder of innocent Zainab in Kasur has forced everyone in pubic and public sector to do some soul searching and thinking about how to eliminate these incidents of child abuse from the society on priority basis and protect many more would be victims from the criminal minded people. 

The Punjab government has accordingly decided to introduce child protection curriculum in all schools of the province in order to create awareness which is good move indeed but it should also be ensured that the curriculum unanimously okayed by the government is taught in every school in the public and private sectors , teaching of different curriculums separately by each school system will foil the purpose of whole exercise. 

According to the reports in the newspapers this positive move forward in a better late than never has taken in a meeting how to safeguard children held in Lahore under chairmanship of Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif the other day. 

In view of gravity of the situation and ongoing protests all over demanding Justice for Zainab, this was the obvious option to start child abuse awareness things in the school syllabus forthwith besides taking all other preventive measures possible and making existing child protection and safeguard laws more punitive and strict after detailed review of the existing laws. 

The parents should also be awaken and told to be more vigilant, watchful and alert about safety and protection of their children. Besides laws enforcing agencies, child protection institutions the parents are also supposed to keep eye on their children movement in and around localities and the company they move here and there, and made to realize their responsibility as well about security and safety of their children. 


Lahore, January 15.