LAHORE - The LHC has been moved against the delay in ‘Performance Evaluation Reports’ of college teachers depriving them of their just right to promotion.

Mohsin Raza Joyia, a lecturer from Pakpattan, filed the petition, saying many teachers were deprived of their rights.  He cites non-completion of ‘Performance Evaluation Reports’ as major reason. The petitioner submits though departmental promotion committee last year forwarded recommendations, the matter lingered on. According to him, he has been serving as lecturer with Government Faridia College of Pakpattan for years and his seniority number for promotion from BS-17 to assistant professor is 946/G. Joyia cited his own example, saying that his principal refused him ACR and got retired. He said he has been victimised for raising the issue of corruption in the college. He made respondents Punjab chief secretary, higher education secretary, Punjab colleges public instructions director, Sahiwal colleges director, Pakpattan deputy director, Government  Faridia College former principal Rana Tariq Aziz Nasir as respondents. He also made ex-directors including Dr Farkhand Shakeel, Dr Shamim Arif Qureshi and Sahiwal’s ex-director college Prof Abdul Majeed as respondents.  A number of ACRs have been pending with ex-directors but they take bribe from the teachers for signing their ACRs, it is alleged.

The petitioner says that ACR rules were made to stop corruption but these days, corrupt administrative officers are pinching the honest officers through the same rules.