LAHORE - Punjab Minister for Primary & Secondary Health (P&SH) Khwaja Imran Nazir, who is presently at a visit to Turkey for seeking cooperation & technical assistance from the ministry of health to improve the health sector specially drug wing,  met the high officials of Turkish Medicine and Devices Agency (TM&DA) along with his delegation.

On this occasion, Director General Health Turkey Dr Saleemi & the senior officials of Turkish Ministry of Health were also present in the meeting. Special Secretary (P&SH) Punjab Faisal Zahoor & other members of the delegation also participated in the meeting. Detailed deliberations were made to improve & implement good manufacturing practices in pharmaceutical industry in Pakistan & it was decided that a strategy and a way forward would be formulated for joint ventures.

TM&DA would extend cooperation & technical assistance for improving Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) in Pharma industry, strengthening of drug wing of P&SH Punjab & technical training in capacity building of the technical staff of the department as well as of the pharmaceutical industry. On this occasion Kh. Imran Nazir thanked the DG Health Turkey Dr Saleemi & the high ups of Turkish agency for ensuring complete cooperation for strengthening of drug wing of the P&SH & to improve the GMPs in Pakistani Pharma industry & extending technical assistance for training & capacity building of the staff.