As we know that having fulfill with natural resources yet we are why behind as compare to other countries. Because of lack of our corrupt and False leaders. 

Everything is in the Pakistan but nothing acceptable work. Because the millions of budget goes directly to pocket of corrupt and False leaders. You look at other countries who have not any natural resources like Pakistan. Yet they are getting devolpment day by day. 

So that’s why the world is persuade to those countries whose leaders, politicians, officer, and private organizations are sincere with his country, and they doing permanent things for his country, because they don’t understand that this is our country but they understand that this is our future. So that’s why they never think about scam for his future. 

But in Pakistan, here our politicians, our leaders, our officers, our justices, our force departments where the poor people take him a hopes of justice, a hope of living happily, a hope of enlighten future, but here our leaders who have excuties power in the country they never came true with us and they will never be sincere yet we will not raise voice against sewage leaders. 

We should keep an eye on our past, who made Pakistan who thought enlighten future of Pakistan. 

But here our leaders made a lot of execrative in the hearts of the people of Pakistan. Here our leaders dancing the people of Pakistan with gestured, because here always used feudalistis system with us. 

Morally they are able to disposal they are able to punishment, but unfortunately the poverty, the coup, the execrative made the undesision able to the people of Pakistan against robbers. If someone want to evdution from robbers their family get funerals of them. 

Because whatever the system is made by those proficients who always used dictatorial behaviors with us. 

So now we have to be trustee, now we have to be doer of evdutions, because we have lost many precious things in past, yesterday we had lost Zainb. But now we don’t want to loose an other Zainb. 

So kindly all should be one and we should end the dictatorial regime, now we have to fall on him with the rage. Now we should not to bear the atrocities on Innocent, so ensure that any how now we have to get syllogism. 

If you want changing then we should change otherwise nothing change. 


Hyderabad, January 15.