“you think I don’t mean even a single word I said. But its only words, the words are all I have to take your heart…” his voice suddenly turned into whispers, and she heard someone was screaming right over her head, “wake up Esha you a already late for the university” you know what I was having a beautiful dream in which he was singing a song that Waleed was singing in the novel, but because of you I couldn’t see his face and for that I will never forgive you” Esha replied to her sister in a very sad way. She smiled and said “Oh ,dear welcome back to the real world”.

Real world is the world where we all have problems, sufferings but there are also little happy moments. When we need escape from our problems we all do what make us feel relaxed. Movies and book also belong to that category. Movies, books truly fascinate us. Sometimes when we are watching a movie or reading a book we deeply indulge ourselves in the story, and start thinking “What if” we were a part of this story ,or what if, if this would turn into real life situation, or the character would become real. The more deeply we cast ourselves under the story’s spell the more the influence.

Studies have shown Fiction does mold us. Sometimes people start believing the fictional narrative, the theory which truly explains it is, transportation in which people make their own fantasy world and start believing in that.

Escapism from our real life challenges is a very bad way to cope with the bad situations in life. We all love escapism but never go too far which would later on make us realize that there is no going back now. Movies and books should be considered as a source of relaxation, this is what their purpose is. We only need to improve our real lives circumstances. Watch, read, relax and then again come back to the real world.

And in the end Every Alice needs to come out of her wonderland. So, better not be late.


Lahore, January 29.