ISLAMABAD  -   Prime Minister Imran Khan has authorised three officers for the issuance of Prime Minister’s directives, The Nation has learnt.

According to available documents with The Nation, the Premier has authorised three officers of the Prime Minister staff, including Muhammad Azam Khan, Additional Secretary-1 Dr Kazim Niaz Khan and Additional Secretary-2 Usman Akhtar Bajwa for issuance of the PM’s directives to federal secretaries/additional secretaries, in-charges of all ministries/divisions and chief secretaries of all provinces.

A Joint Secretary Administration of PM office issued a letter which says: “I am directed to convey that the PM’s directives are issued to three officers and it further says that all federal secretaries/ additional secretaries in-charge of ministries/divisions and chief secretaries concerned are requested to ensure that before implantation of PM’s directives, the signatures of secretary to the PM/ additional secretaries are compared with the above specimen for authenticity.”

The PM office also shared the specimen of signatures of three officers to all ministries and Provinces.

Well placed sources in the PM office told The Nation that PPM office issued this directive only to control misuse of the PM Secretariat.

They said that former PM Nawaz Sharif had also appointed his Secretary to PM Fawad Hassan Fawad as a signature’s authority. They mentioned that Additional Secretary Kazim Niaz and Joint Secretary Jawas Paul to PM had conveyed the verbal messages of Fawad Hassan Fawad to different federal secretaries and used influence in decision- making of the ministries.

A senior official of Establishment Division said that Jawad Paul contacted several times with Secretary Establishment Division for looking after the promotion cases of PML-N blue-eyed officers and even sent the lists before of promotion board meetings.  He confirmed that not a single telephone call was received by any senior official of the Establishment Division for using influence on decisions of the Division in last five months.

PM office has also informed the NAB, Federal Ombudsman Secretaries, Federal Tax Ombudsman , Insurance Ombudsman Pakistan, Pakistan Red Crescent and Secretary Banking Mohtasib as well.