LAHORE - JI chief Senator Sirajul Haq, has said that every government in the country had crushed the poor while the feudal lords, capitalists and vaderas had always been enjoying luxurious living.

Addressing the participants of the JI central workshop at Mansoora, he said that although the PTI had a team of experts, it had taken six months only to know the correct direction and its performance so far had been disappointing.

Sirajul Haq said that the two budgets presented by the government so far did not give any way out for getting rid of the economy of interest based loans. There were no plans for improvement of health and education and employment for the common man. Similarly, there were no plans to improve the lot of the farmers and industrial workers.

He said the government had promised to create ten million jobs but no funds had been reserved for it nor any programme had been given for that.

The JI chief said the PTI government had assured the masses of peace but the assassination of Maulana Samiul Haq, S.P. Dawar and the Sahiwal tragedy proved its failure.

He said that Dr Abdul Razzaq who had been abducted from Quetta, had been released after 48 days after his family paid heavy ransom to the abductors. He said the nation was justified to ask why the government could not do anything in this case and added that this ransom money should have been paid by the Balochistan Chief Minister. He said the doctors were on strike all over the province and they were justified.

He said the PTI leaders had been making speeches in the assemblies that if the killers of someone were not traced, the rulers should be presumed to be the killers. He said the PTI leadership had promised to always speak the truth. However, the government had deliberately tried to mislead the people on the Sahiwal killings. The JIT had been formed twice only to protect the culprits and bury the matter. He demanded a judicial enquiry into the incident and protection for the bereaved family.

Sirajul Haq said the Chief Minister of the KPK should inform the people what had been done for the development of eight tribal agencies. He said the government had allocated no funds for the rehabilitation and uplift of these areas. On the other hand, the federal government had scrapped four hundred development projects in these areas.