Everyday many innocent lives are lost in road accidents in the country due to the negligence of the drivers. The traffic situation is worsening, which is causing congestions and chaos on the roads. The Traffic Syndrome is related to the designing of the roads.

It is high time that appropriate measures are taken to rectify the current situation. Roads should be designed in a way that the increase in number of vehicles in coming years can be accommodated without causing further accidents.

Road Safety can be improved only by improving the driving skills of the driver and their knowledge of traffic rules.

Driving Standard Agency should be established in Punjab. DSA should control the issuance of driving licenses and not the police department. Responsibility of the police should be limited to keeping a check on the traffic violators.

The aim and objective of the DSA would be to improve road safety by improving driving standards. All driving schools should be inspected and monitored by DSA. The qualifications and teaching skills of all the instructors of the driving schools should be checked and should be at par with international standards.

Anyone applying for a driving license should complete a Compulsory Basic Training from a driving school recognised by DSA. The main objective of CBT would be to improve the driving skills and impart knowledge and awareness of road signs, how to change lanes, entering on to the main road, how to drive on a slippery road, and most of all how to be considerate and courteous to other drivers and especially pedestrians.

A person applying for a driving license should produce his CBT certificate issued by the driving school.

CBT was introduced in some South-Asian countries by Driving Safety Agency in 1990 to improve road safety. All learners of motorcycle, cars and other vehicles must complete a CBT before coming on to the roads. Statics show significant reduction in road accidents involving cars and motorcyclists if such measures are introduced. DSA may set a syllabus for educated and uneducated candidates to complete CBT.

In addition, the designing of all the roads should be according to international standards. A regular road all of a sudden tends to get narrowed down at some places causing bottlenecks and forcing the motorist to squeeze in to lanes disrupting the smooth flow of the traffic.

If it is expected that the traffic flow should be smooth and without any bottlenecks, it is imperative that the design of the road should be made in a way that there are no areas causing bottlenecks and there should be continuity in the width of the roads. The United Nations General assembly passed a resolution in 2011 urging all nations to launch road safety schemes on permanent basis, and Pakistan is yet to implement it.


Lahore, January 29.