Inter-Provincial Co-ordination Minister Dr Fehmida Mirza called on Speaker National Assembly Asad Qasiar at Speaker’s House on Friday.

The matters pertaining to coordination between Federation and Provinces as well as overall economic and political situation of the country were discussed during the meeting.

The speaker said that close coordination and harmony among Federation and Provinces is imperative for development of the country.

He urged upon the Federation to play its due role for elimination of sense of deprivation in small provinces and further mentioned that resolving problems of the small provinces should be priority of the Federation.

He further said that the small provinces can play a proactive role in development and progress of the country when this sense of deprivation is lessened.

Asad Qasiar stressed the need for resolving the health issues, spreading education for all, enhancing sports opportunities for youth and promoting tourism in the country.

He said that national integration and consensus was essential to counter the challenges of terrorism, unemployment, illiteracy, scarcity of water and corruption being faced by the country at present.  He said that the leaders of all political parties need to play their due role for peaceful environment in the House so that effective legislation can be enacted.

Dr Fehmida Mirza said that elimination of sense of deprivation of the small provinces is her priority and in this regard she is in contact with provincial governments.

She said the incumbent government is trying to bring positive changes in health, education, tourism, and sports sectors. She further assured the speaker for cooperation to keep the environment peaceful in the House.