KABUL (GN): Afghanistan will need vast amounts of foreign funding to keep its government afloat through 2024, a U.S. agency said Friday, even as foreign donors are increasingly angry over the cost of debilitating corruption and the U.S. seeks a peace deal with Taliban to withdraw its troops from the country. International money pays for roughly 75% of all of Afghanistan’s costs while government revenue covers barely a quarter of Afghan public expenditures. The Special Inspector General for Afghan Reconstruction, which issues reports quarterly to U.S. Congress, monitors all U.S. spending in the 18-year war in Afghanistan, America’s longest war. The agency’s latest report was sharply critical of the Afghan government’s efforts to curb corruption, saying it is one of the biggest concerns among frustrated donors. President Ashraf Ghani’s administration “is more interested in checking off boxes for the international community than in actually uprooting its corruption problem,” the report said, referring to the Afghan government’s failing anti-graft drive.