ISLAMABAD               -           The administration of Islamabad has finalised a development project worthy of Rs600 million for the rural and suburban areas of the capital, which will be executed after a month.

While talking to The Nation, Deputy Commissioner Islamabad Hamza Shafqaat praised this initiative and told that the total credit for this initiative should be given to the MNA’s of the capital, Asad Umar and Ali Awan.

He explained that the federal administration has been given a total amount of Rs600 million to execute this development project.

Briefing about the budget, DC Islamabad told that an amount of around Rs100 million was already saved by the authorities out of the total allocated budget as the cost of the development at specific sites was less.

A total of 47 sites have been planned for development and renovations. The basic idea is to provide essentials to the public living in farther areas, the DC said.

Shafqaat elaborated that the provision of better health facilities, education, clean water, and better environment were the major missings in the suburbs of the capital. Therefore, he stressed that such developments were much needed in those neglected areas.

According to the documents shown by DC Shafqaat to this correspondent, areas like Chatta- Bakhtawar, Chak Shehzad, Sihala, village Alipur, village Choocha Sheikhan, Sharifabad, village Koral, Gohra Sardar, Shah Allah Ditta and many others were included in the list. Projects like the up-gradation of roads, supply of water, construction of new roads and construction of the drainage system for these sites were also shown in the document. 

According to DC, it was the first time that the federal government had taken an initiative to provide basic necessities to the suburbs of Islamabad. The official stated that the project would be started within a month. Explaining about the planning and its execution, Shafqaat revealed that with the help of the local union councils of Islamabad, the administration has sought the major problems and needs of 47 different sites and has already planned the required development for each site.

The official believes that the development in the rural areas and suburbs will decrease the division between the rural and urban areas of the capital and will also improve the lifestyle of the people living in those areas.

For the progress of this project, two committees were formulated. One is the administrative committee, which is being monitored by the assistant commissioners and the other is the political committee which consists of local union councils of the capital.

The Nation tried to contact Ali Awan to get his perspective about this project. However, the incumbent was unavailable despite repeated calls and messages.